About Hector

Immigrated to the United States aged 11, the son of Peruvian working class parents, Dr. Castillo worked his way through high school and graduated with honors from John Paul VI High School at the age of 16. He decided to work towards becoming a doctor, attending both Seton Hall University and receiving a B.S in Biology and a B.S in Chemistry. After attending medical school and serving his hospital residency at Harlem Hospital for Columbia University, Dr. Castillo opened his first office in Paterson, New Jersey, hoping to serve the Spanish speaking communities of one of New Jersey’s largest cities, in addition to an office located in Oakland, New Jersey.


Through his work in the community, Dr. Castillo was in touch with many different members of the city, listening to their concerns with an open mind. In 2009, Dr. Castillo was diagnosed with a life threatening disease and needed emergency surgery to correct his vertebrae which had up to that point deteriorated to almost nothing. He recovered after 6 months with a new lease on life, determined to be the change that he has tried to realize over his over 30 year career as a Medical Doctor.